Analysis of the data and the accuracy of the evaluation of the success of the online pharmacy

Speed and the methods by which a given company defines and takes its position in the market, not only mean a lot for its further development, but are a kind of indicator of how the market is receptive and pliable for various initiatives of its members.
So start the analysis stated topic, I would like to schedule, which is represented in units severity of the marketing strategies of different groups of companies in the dynamics.

In our work , we have to keep track of virtually all products submitted to the U.S. pharmaceutical companies. Occasion to refer to one or another variety of sources - from monitornga our own sales volume and dynamics of individual drugs according to independent experts to ascertain the perception of a particular drug category doctors etc. Having the ability to compare data from different sources , I can say that the ideal research company that would meet all our needs in the evaluation of the pharmaceutical market , no. All currently existing research companies are strong in something else : some good approximation of retail audit , but significant problems with the assessment of hospital audit , while others are improving in hospital sales , but do not provide data on retail sales , the one who can offer products two segments and has an error in accuracy.

Always have to choose. Single corporate standard for representation online pharmacy - this data IMS. Its products - retail and hospital indexes and index segments are doctors appointments for our company of exceptional interest because allow, inter alia, to compare the results of all activities of representative offices in all countries. That's why so sorrowful a problem changing the sample. With regard to domestic research companies , the quality of their products , in my opinion , greatly improved. We use food to all companies to assess the volume and dynamics of sales of various products in different segments . Database interesting to track the preferences of physicians and pharmacists , they can be used to evaluate the appropriateness of the marketing strategy. Detailed understanding of the therapeutic trends and finally decide on the promotional tools , as well as evaluate the effectiveness of our medical representatives help refine the so-called special studies. For these purposes, we often invite company GFK, Aston consulting, Convent pharma.

The reliability of information provided by research companies depend ultimately the success of our business. Therefore, it would be unwise to take it on faith . Of course, by no man is infallible . Figures obtained from independent market analysts, always by our staff compared with each other , with the external public data sources and their own company data.
Despite a significant expansion of the range of research services , today there are still insufficiently developed and direction in the work of independent analysts of the pharmaceutical market . Major producers concerned in the implementation of supply worldwide , it is difficult to obtain reliable information on regional sales . Although domestic researchers have begun to explore this area , the accuracy of their product while in serious doubt . Therefore, our company , analyzing their activities in regions prefer based on its own data.

With all the data obtained running the marketing department . Our specialists are treated and analyzed. Based on test results we get his own interpretation of the data and use it to determine how the company's development strategy and operational decisions . Additionally, the marketing department of canadian online pharmacy analyzes makrookruzheniya on macroeconomic , socio-demographic , political, economic, and technical factors. Within our industry , we analyze the internal environment , conduct research on the scheme Porter , SWOT- analysis, etc.

Quality and reliability of the data obtained from analytical companies play a significant role in our business and are the main criterion for choosing a particular source. Unfortunately, many of the analytical agency one indicator , such capacity or growth of the pharmaceutical market , provide quite different from each other data. Accuracy of data depends largely on the amount of sample pharmacies. Currently, none of the analytical companies does not have its own questionnaire based enough pharmacies , and according 200-300 companies make absolutely reliable analysis , in our opinion , is quite difficult.

Occupied by the company's market share allows to evaluate the accuracy of the data at a high level. For example, in 2013 we implemented a project on which to online every manufacturer working with us, can see the sales data for each of its drug in a pharmacy of any region. The system is protected against unauthorized entry and is very useful to us and the manufacturer for joint planning activities.

Also we are interested in data research companies devoted to the study of different target groups - employees of pharmacies , doctors and consumers. Recently the necessary information we receive from GFK. They usually do not buy standard field research this canadian family pharmacy, and book her specialized research on issues of interest to us . In addition , we use the data in their work consumer surveys , physicians and pharmacists . These data are provided by our partners, but in the near future, we intend to buy some of the products of this company. Finally, we use data by media saturation of radio , TV broadcast and print media. With their help evaluate advertising activity of our competitors.

Representation of our company and carries out independent investigations ( measurements , which are usually held by retail / medical representatives ) . However, given the company's business-critical solutions , we try to build on a set of data - their own and independent research agencies.
Selecting research companies determine for us mainly by two factors - the accuracy of the data they provide and ease of use of their products. It should be noted that the accuracy of the data (especially the regions ) and the rate of monthly reports yet constitute a problem for the domestic pharmaceutical market research field . Although in recent years the situation has significantly changed for the better.

We pay great attention to the analysis of the state of regional markets, but provides an opportunity to its geographical representation independently choose their research partners. Nevertheless, within the information communication with headquarters representative put "Center" aware of the ongoing research, objectives and results. It is necessary for the overall forecasting markets and comparative evaluation of the offices of the company.

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